Payroll saving and loans for employers

Payroll for employers

Responsible employers take staff well-being seriously, knowing financially stable workers are happier, less anxious and more productive.

Why support financial well-being?

Poor financial well-being impacts on health in terms of poor psychological well-being, higher stress and anxiety levels, and lower levels of good health.

1 in 5 people have lost sleep worrying about their finances. 1 in 4 employees report money worries have affected their ability to do their job.

You can help your employees build financial resilience through payroll saving and end the reliance on payday lenders and high-cost credit.

What does the scheme costs?

There is no financial cost to you and the scheme is simple to set up. We will provide materials and work with you to promote the incentive to your staff.


To be eligible, your office or head office needs to be located within our common bond area*. All employees will be eligible for credit union membership and we will obtain scheme authorisation from those who join.

Each month you deduct the mandated amount from each employee’s net pay and transfer the total amount to us.

1. Become a payroll partner
2. Promote the incentive to staff
3. Make payday transfers to us

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Payroll Scheme Brochure


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