Telephone Banking

Telephone banking

Member Notice – Online Telephone Banking is currently unavailable. Please contact us by emailing or send us a message via online:

Check your account balance at any time, night or day by using our automated telephone banking service.

With telephone banking, you can also request payments from your Current Account, Instant Access, Events Saver, Holiday Saver and Christmas Saver accounts.

You can request transfers between your credit union accounts.

Simply follow the voice prompts to confirm your details and enter your instructions via the telephone keypad.

Call 020 7729 9218 to access telephone banking

Before using this service for the first time you will need to register. Please complete your details below:

After you register, we will check your details and provide you with a one-time access code to use the service for the first time.

Remember, you can also manage your account via online banking.

  • I have forgotten my telephone log-in details

    If you forget your telephone banking PIN you will need to re-register for this service.

    Please speak to one of our customer support team, a member of staff in branch or use the form above.

  • How long do payments and transfers take to process?

    Payments from your current account are usually sent immediately but can take up to two hours to reach the recipient.

    Payments or transfer requests from all other accounts are only processed on weekdays and can take 2 – 4hrs.

    Requests received on weekends and bank holidays are processed on the next working day.