Using the mobile app

Before you register to use the mobile app you must have a user account for LCCU online banking.

The app does not require a download. The mobile-friendly online banking pages can be accessed via your mobile browser.

  • Registering for the first time

    • Access the mobile app in your mobile web browser via this link.
    • When registering for the first time do not click ‘Next Step’ after entering your member no. and DOB. Instead, scroll down and select the green ‘Register’ button.

    The personal and contact details you provide during registration must match those that we currently hold. If your details have changed you must contact us to update these before registering to use the app.

    On the registration screen you will be asked to confirm your:

    • Membership number
    • National Insurance number
    • Date of Birth

    Mobile app registration button

    Set a passcode and password

    During registration you will need to set an 8-digit passcode. Do not share this with anybody else. You will be asked to confirm characters from this passcode each time you log-in. You will also need to set up a ‘withdrawal password’ to use when requesting the withdrawal of funds from saving accounts.

    You will receive an email notification once your mobile banking has been activated. This can take up to 1 full working day.

  • How to log in

    There are two steps to log-in.

    Step 1: On the first Welcome screen enter your membership number and date of birth.

    Tip: Skip this step next time by selecting ‘Remember me’. Please only do this if you are sure nobody else can access your phone and if you have additional security in place on the handset.

    Step 2:
    On the second log-in screen you will be asked to provide random characters from your passcode.

    If you previously selected ‘Remember me’ this will be the first screen you see when you access the app in the future. You can disable this by selecting ‘Forget me’.

    Tip: Make it easier to open the web-app by adding a shortcut to your home screen. How you do this will depend on your mobile browser. For example, in Chrome, when you’re using the app you select ‘Add to Home screen’ from the Chrome browser menu.

  • Security (Please Read)

    The mobile app is provided by the credit union’s banking partner, Kesho Systems. Your use of the app is governed by the same terms & conditions as the desktop online banking platform.

    Accessing the credit union’s online banking platform is via a secure encrypted connection.


    For extra security, the app will ‘time-out’ if you don’t perform any action for 60 seconds. This means you will be logged out and will have to re-enter characters from your passcode to continue.

    Stay safe whilst using mobile banking

    Do not share your log-in details with anybody and do not write down your passcode or passwords.

    We strongly recommend you use a master password or use another method such as face or fingerprint ID to secure your handset.

  • What to do if your phone is lost or stolen

    Your account is secure as long as you protect your passcode and passwords. But for peace of mind, please notify us at the earliest opportunity and we will de-activate your access to mobile banking.

  • What to do if you forget your passcode

    If you forget your passcode you need to tap the green ‘Forgotten passcode’ button on the passcode log-in screen. This will disable your account immediately.

    Make a note of your passcode and contact us to request your account is reset using the form below.

    IMPORTANT: After requesting an account reset do not attempt to log-in again until you receive an email to confirm you can do so. Doing so will only generate a new passcode and invalidate your account reset request.

    Once your account is reset you will be able to log-in again using the temporary passcode that was displayed before re-activation. You will then be asked to set a new 8-digit passcode of your choice.

  • How to change your share withdrawal password

    To update your app share withdrawal password you will need to reset your account. Please contact us to request this. After we notify you that your account has been disabled you will be able to re-register with new details.