Features of the mobile app

The LCCU mobile app offers a better way to access your online banking area from your mobile phone.

Read the information below in full to familiarise yourself with the apps functionality.

Mobile member area (Home screen)

The home screen on the app shows the current balance for each of your accounts in a scrolling window at the top of the screen. To see all account details in a single screen view use the My accounts button. Selecting any account will show you recent transactions.

My info

This button allows you to check and edit the contact details we hold for you. If any details have changed you must tell us straight away. In My info you can do this via the red edit button. We may request further evidence, for example, proof of address, before we make a permanent change on your record.

Transfers & payments

This option allows you to make payments to any payees you have set up in your account. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to do this. Please note, you cannot set-up new payees via the app. To set up a new payee you will need to log-in to the desktop online-banking platform.

My inbox

My inbox is where you can check important notifications from LCCU and your latest account statements. If you message us via the app, any replies will be received here. The button on the home screen displays a counter to indicate the number of unread messages.

After reading a message you can Archive it to stop it displaying as an unread message. You can access previous messages and statements by changing the view to All messages and files.

Mobile App home screen
Savings Goals

This option allows you to set a savings target and then measure your progress towards it. Select your preferred account, and enter the amount you want to save and the date you hope to reach your target. Your savings goal balance and days remaining is displayed.

The twin charts illustrate your current savings in comparison to your target and the days remaining to reach your goal. If progress on the chart on the left ‘£ saved’ is ahead of the chart on the right ‘Time since start’ it indicates that you are ahead of schedule to meet your savings goal.

Savings goals are particularly useful when combined with a credit union Christmas, Holiday or Event Saver account.

Additional app features

The extended menu can be accessed via the button on the right hand-side of the top toolbar.

Apply for a loan

This provides a quick-link to the online loan form on the LCCU website.

Branch finder

This shows addresses, opening times and a map for each LCCU branch. If you have location setting enabled on your handset you can request directions to any branch from your location.

Contact us

You can send a short text message to us via this screen or call our main telephone number at the tap of a button. If you message us, it may take up to a full working day to reply. Responses to messages are viewable in the My inbox area.

Statement request

To request an account statement for any credit union account tick the option and tap ‘Send request’. Your statement will be available to view in the My inbox area.

Get my credit score

This provides a link to the Credit Karma website. It is free to register with Credit Karma to see your credit score and access your credit report. Your credit history is important if you’re considering borrowing.

View direct debits

See details of any direct debits you have set up for your account. To set up or amend direct debits you will need to contact us.

View standing orders

See details of any standing orders you have set up for your account. To set up or amend standing orders you will need to contact us.