Dear membersYour credit union remained open throughout the pandemic and we are here to help you.Just as Covid-19 and inflation have affected individual and family finances, so they have had an impact on LCCU, particularly on loan approvals and costs.We now need to continue our work to strengthen the credit union. We have already taken several steps including cutting costs, seeking to renegotiate supplier contracts and looking at ways to grow the
Dear Members  We were delighted to have been invited to join the Financial literacy partnerships – Hackney JCS We had a great time last 2 weeks doing some outreach work for Junior Citizenship Scheme. Here2Help financial support for all ages under 18. For residents and schools providing information, advice, tools and guidance. ⁠These days, it’s hard to make ends meet. But even the smallest of amounts can build up and help you when you need it most
  Dear Member We are writing to update you on our early repayment fees. Most LCCU borrowers repay their loan on the timeline set out in the loan agreement. A small number, however, experience a change in circumstances and choose to settle the full balance earlier than scheduled. For anyone who repays the full loan balance within 180 days of disbursement, then an early redemption fee of £50 (fifty only) will be charged at
Full Job Description To act as administrator to a range of Board and Committee meetings, minuting the meetings, arranging refreshments and performing associated administrative tasks, thus ensuring LCCU governance operates effectively and efficiently. To arrange for the delivery of virtual meetings with the associated technological support. To provide complete business support service to the London Community Credit Union Board, in accordance with corporate and statutory requirements. Gathering and maintaining accurate information of actions, correspondence, issues and
Dear Members,    We are writing to provide an update on our Dormancy fee.    At credit union If a period of 12 months passes without any transactions on the account of a Member (or on any of their accounts if they have more than one), the credit union may declare that the account has become dormant and charge an administration fee.   This fee will be raised from £5 to £10 from 6 October 2022. The
Dear Members  Come along to an event to mark the launch of Newham’s first Ageing Well Strategy, find out about our services and activities to help you age well, and get involved in shaping services. Mature Money Employment opportunities, finance support, volunteering and retirement. Wednesday 13th July 2022 3-7pm 88 Highways Vineyard Church, Romford Road, E15 4EH Find more information here