Loan Protection Insurance

Loan Protection Insurance

Credit union loans come with free loan protection cover on the first £5,000.

This means that in the event of your death any outstanding loan balance owed to the credit union up to £5,000 will be automatically written off.* This added bonus will help provide peace of mind for loved ones and reduce the burden on your estate.

This benefit is provided at no extra cost and is offered as part of your credit union loan agreement. Our loan cover is arranged by the CUNA Mutual Group Limited.

Please note: Loan Protection Insurance does not offer protection against missed loan repayments. If you are having trouble repaying your loan please contact our credit control team at the earliest opportunity.

* Loan Protection Insurance is offered to all members up to the age of 70 years and is subject to subject to terms and conditions. Cover limits vary and certain restrictions apply based on age and cover.

Did you know your savings are also covered by our free Life Savings Protection?