Jam Jar Accounts

Jam Jar Accounts

Jam Jar is a special budgeting account that offers a simple way to manage your money. By dividing your income into separate mini accounts or ‘jars’ you can ensure that essentials like bills and rent payments are taken care of and you know exactly what you have left over to spend.

Your bills can be paid automatically from the ‘jars’ when they are due. You can set up as many ‘jars’ as you like and the money left over can be transferred into savings or your current account for spending.

To ensure you have enough money to cover all payments we can text you in advance if you’re likely to be short, and you can prioritise your bills to ensure essential items are paid first.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps keep ‘bill paying’ money and ‘spending’ money separate
  • Gives you a little extra money management support
  • Gives you greater peace of mind around bill payment
  • Bills are paid automatically from the ‘jars’