Forms and Downloads

Forms and Downloads

If you cannot find the form you are looking for or you are unsure which form you need please contact us.

      LCCU Adult Membership Application
For new joiners. Print and complete this form or join the credit union online.

      Loan Application Form 
Print and complete this form or apply for a credit union loan online.

     Junior Membership Application Form
It’s never too early to join the credit union. This form is for under 16s.

     LCCU Current Account Application Form
For existing members who have yet to choose their current account. If you are a new applicant please complete the Adult Membership Application Form.

     Payroll Deduction Form
Save or repay a loan through a direct deduction from your wages. If your employer is signed up to our payroll saving scheme what could be easier?

     Complaints Form
We hope you’re not dissatisfied. But if you are, please tell us so we can put things right.

     Direct Debit
Authorise LCCU to take regular payments from your other bank or building society accounts.

     Salary Payment to your Current Account
Receive your wages into your LCCU account and confirm your regular savings contribution