About Debit Mastercard

Our current accounts offer you a great way to manage your money. And with the introduction of contactless Debit Mastercard there really is no reason to bank elsewhere.

The LCCU Debit Mastercard means your money is at your fingertips. Some of the things you can do with your debit card:

  • Make contactless payment with a single tap on purchases up to £30 in value
  • Make payments online, and use the card to pay for subscription services like Netflix or Spotify
  • Use contactless, to pay for travel on tubes, buses and trains. There’s no longer a need to carry an oyster card
  • Withdraw cash when you need it from ATMs at any time, night or day

Payments made with your debit card are deducted directly from the funds available in your current account. There is no need to top-up before you can start spending!

The LCCU Debit Mastercard is available with our Gold and Platinum current accounts.

Apply for Debit Mastercard when you open a current account